Something was missing

Our primary task is to solve problems for our customers by creating electronic devices or software solutions. But when we wanted to replace the old air vents in our housing for something prettier ... we did not manage to find what we were looking for.

We wanted something more decorative, easy to make at a small scale, and long term. We created the É-Vent system, and the results are better than what was expected :

We decided to start this crowdfunding to make it available for you.

The front cover

The front covers are made from PMMA plates using laser cutting. An adhesive polyester film printed with the selected picture is stuck to the PMMA plate before cutting to the required shape. Using laser cutting makes it possible to get detailed contours with high quality results.

Two powerful neodyme magnets are glued to the back of the cover plate for an easy install on the support without any screw or complex mechanical system which could break.

We are also using laser printing in order to allow high quality pictures to be used as decorative front covers. A small set of the ones we already selected can be seen on the picture above, but we are not limited to these, and new ones will be added during the campaign.

The choice between the proposed models will be made after the crowdfunding campaign, allowing for a broader choice. You are welcome to propose any particular subject which you would want to see in the list, and we will try to find available images for these.


If you want a custom cover, then select the corresponding reward, or chose the DIY solution with the customisation kit, which includes a pre-cut PMMA plate (different shapes available) and two printable self-adhesive polyester sheets for your print (either laser or inkjet).

Why this crowdfunding campaign ?

Before producing at industrial scale and going on with th development of the diferent options we need to check that this product is attractive for more than a few friends.

This campaign will allow us to reach bigger production volumes at which raw materials will be available at a lower cost.

We are also testing diferent options (DIY kit, custom made versions, and maybe greater sizes) in order to check what is interresting to you, and what's not.

On our side, we already validated raw materials providers, so we know the costs and we've been able to set the volume which make it interresting for both you and us at about 400 pieces.

We also validated the production process, tested the strength of both the materials, the magets, and the support, checked that it was possible to clean the front plate, and that there were no hindrance to the air flow.

We also started working on the noise, as some of our ventilation are quite noisy. It turns out that without specific modifications, the noise is unchanged. We would have wanted to get a noise reduction, so we started working on noise reduction using circular foam shapes. The results are promising, without too much influence on airflow (almost none for some of the tested shapes) but we need more resources to go on with the tests. If the first goal is reach, we will try to make it possible to include a noise reduction system with each É-Vent system.

We also started to prototype a version with included lights, and planned other versions with a wall clock, or even a batteryless version with sensors (temperature and humidity) and RF connectivity. These options, if they get enough interrest and we manage to create them, will fit in the reservation made for them in the support system.

Last, this campaign is the only occasion for you to get the É-Vent system with a discount, which is estimated to be about 15% to 30% of the planned retail price.

The team

The É-Vent system is developed by Techno-innov's whole team !

Which means ... hum ... Anne and Nathael.

But we want to thank all of our friends and our familly, which gave us advice, which commented the early prototypes, and which shared our enthusiasm and helped us go forward :)

Great thanks also to our cousin and his band "Taking the Hourglass" for allowing us to use one of their song (Battle) as soundtrack for the video !

Spread the word !

Almost every house has air vetilations, more or less hidden, and almost all lacking the littlest bit of aestheticism. Share this crowdfunding campaign to your relatives, using any appropriate media :)

Details of the mounting system :

The mounting system is also made using laser cutting of PMMA plates. It is easy to clean, strong, and easy to assemble. It uses strong magnets for assembly instead of screws, which makes it removable with no risk of breaking it.

We already made three different size for the most common air vent diameters (80mm/3", 100mm/4" et 120mm/5"), and it will also be available for square ventilation appliances.

Using flexible stainless steel parts, the support easily adapts to small differences in diameters for the tubes and produces a firm grip for ceilling mount. We added three notches to increase the adaptation capabilities of the system.

The strong magnets also increase the strength of the removable cover binding.

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